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Did You Get Your Free Hug Today?

Did you get your free hug today?

Free Hug Pass

So, I entered the campus today and one of my dear students greeted me with a very warm, cuddly hug that took me completely by surprise. She then handed me a pass that read ‘Free Hugs’ and told me that they’re passing these around the college so anyone who gets a hug needs to pass it to somebody else. OK, that sounds like a hefty job there!

But I immediately realized something: moods are contagious. I had come to college daydreaming about my nice cozy bed with its nice comfy blanket embracing the ultimately nice and merry Asma (sigh!)- when this single but beautiful hug simply transformed my mood. I went to class cheerful, hugged another student on the way, gave her the ‘Free Hug’ pass, and didn’t even mind the students whispering in the back when I was giving my lecture in the class.

And it got me thinking: Marketing is all about giving free hugs. It is about being the reason to transform your customer’s mood from grouchy to happy. And this doesn’t come from a forceful smile hiding the gritted teeth just because your badge says ‘You’ll get a free coffee if I’m not smiling’. This comes from the internal motive, the drive to really put an impact on somebody’s life. Of course, the responsiblity of instilling this drive in the employees lies with the company, particularly for jobs like customer services representatives. Why the need? Well, in the end, a happy customer is a spending customer!  So, if you’re all sullen and grouchy, chances are you will infect your customer with this virus (aka Emotional Contagion); meaning, you might have just lost a customer who would prefer going to your competitor just because they are generally more enthusiastic and make her feel good.

Don’t lose your customers and give them a free hug today.


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