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Turn Your Customers Into Your Brand Advocates With Less Money

Chocolate Chip CookiesWant to make your girl happy? Buy her a flower or some heart-shaped chocolates but unexpectedly. Post a ‘Miss You’ note on her Facebook Timeline. Loosen the tight cap of a jar for her before she even asks you. Take care of her small needs and trust me, she’ll be yours to keep forever.

It’s the small things that matter. The same applies in businesses. You don’t need to spend too much to delight your customers. Offer small treats but do it diligently and when the customer least expects it. On a busy day, for instance, present your customers a free dessert to go with their cup of coffee – you know, a small cookie or a fudge cake. If that’s too much, give them a chewing gum or a candy bar when they’ve made the purchase. People love free stuff – and free gifts, even if they don’t really use them.

This is possible even if you deal in service industry. A 2%-5% discount on price when the client had not even demanded it; an additional service (e.g. basic on-site SEO of their website) or even a free (but sincere) advice to your client can even do the trick – anything that helps increase productivity of your client. Remember, the idea is to delight your customer – catch him by surprise. It’s safe to say such treats act as bait to hook your clients and make them come back for more but it also results in turning them into your brand advocates. And what happens when a customer becomes your brand ambassador? Yup, didn’t think I’d need to answer that.


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