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Why Nobody Comments?

Why Nobody CommentsDo you recognize this feeling when you separate out a few good hours of of your ‘precious’ time trying to write a good content; putting it up on your blog; waiting anxiously for comments…and like, receiving absolutely none after a painful wait of whole week? Or, when you post a funny video on Facebook and expect people to comment; and then, nobody comments? Aargh, yeah, I know it too.

But let me tell you something that might cheer you up. Commenting is not the only determinant to measure the performance of your social media campaign. Yeah sure, it makes you feel good. But sometimes, you need to look deeper into statistics. For example, people like me (who use Firefox browser) bookmark the page if they happen to find the content useful or interesting. So when you visit a page from your bookmark, Google Analytics counts it as direct traffic. Checking the percentage of the source of traffic, hence, also becomes important. Plus, you’ll need to see the number of readers’ subscriptions to your blog. If it’s increasing, it’s an automatic indication that people like what you write.

Here’s another thing. If you happen to be a regular reader of Mashable, you might have noticed that most comments that people make there are negative ones. There are, of course, people who appreciate the writer or add something to it; yet, the majority of them are the ones who most likely disagree with the content or simply make fun of it. It can be said then that most people comment back when they want to criticize you or differ to your what you’ve written. And while I personally think this adds spice to your content, it also drives home a point that people don’t comment if they generally agree to your article or like it.

That being said, if you’re not getting any comments or even ‘likes’ on any blog posts, and your readers’ subscriptions or RSS Feeds are also not growing then this can mean red siren and you probably need to take some immediate action.


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